Friday, April 10, 2009

OK, so I need to get better about blogging!  Zoe is growing so much and becoming such an interesting little person.  I know that her grandmas, at least, are very interested in this process. Here are a few "tales" and photos for the interested.
Lately, Zoe has been showing an interest in money.  She doesn't really understand what it's for, but she likes to give us pretend money all the time.  In the car the other day, Zoe made some comment which I agreed with.  She said "Thank you, Mommy.  Here's some money."  What a benevolent dictator :).

Here we are at the Boston Children's Museum.  She really enjoyed these hands-on water activities.   I got pretty into it myself!  We went to the museum at a time that was discounted, so it was pretty crowded.  There were lots of rowdy little boys running around, throwing things, pushing and shoving...  I tend to get freaked out by these guys and think "Where are their parents?!" but Zoe is not phased by them a bit.  She'll just watch them patiently and then get back to doing her own thing.  I love that.

This picture is of Zoe and her favorite socks.  She and Daddy like to pull them all the way up.  Silly girl.


marilyn_hayworth said...

Thanks for the updates! The three of you make a lovely family.

A/K said...

Aunts and uncles are interested, too. :-)
She is a cutie!

Deborah said...

Ooh, she's so cute - I can't wait to see her! Sounds like she's learning all the tools to becoming a successful female: (1)handling the money and (2)being patient with the boys and then doing your own thing.
BTW as I recall Zoe's daddy pulled his socks all the way up for many years (but it was the 70's after all.) Love, Gramma Deb

Megan said...

Yay! for coming back to blogland . . .just in time for another? Nevertheless, we're glad!