Sunday, May 24, 2009

Funny little things

Zoe is full of funny little sayings these days. A few examples:

On our local train, there are standard announcements they play at certain stops. The other day, we reached our stop and "Northeastern University" was announced. Zoe looks at me and says, just before the next announcement came on, "No smoking please. Doors open on the right."

Last week, Jonathan and Zoe were coming home from the playground. As usual, she was required to hold Daddy's hand when crossing the street. This led to the following pronouncement: "When I get bigger, I am going to cross the street by myself. Then I will go to the library all by myself and take the train home." I think it's pretty funny that, of all the places she could go in her big girl freedom, the library is the place she would choose.

On Friday, Zoe was playing very exuberantly at the end of her nap time. While I was putting her undies back on I asked her if she was full of beans. She said, "No, you are full of beans. I am full of cheese and Daddy is full of..... cake." Then after a moment's thought, she said, "No, I am full of cake, Daddy is full of cheese." Good call.